04/06/2014 08:47 BST | Updated 04/06/2014 08:59 BST

Twitter Account @everyword Has Been Tweeting Every Word In The English Language Since 2007


And it's due to reach the end this weekend.

Yes, ever since November 2007, the Twitter account @everyword has been doing what it says on the tin: faithfully tweeting out every word in the English language. It's currently at over 109,000 words - and as you can see from these most recent tweets, the end is nigh:

The account was created by programmer and New York University professor Adam Parrish - and it works using a bot that pulls text from a list of words Parrish found online in 2007.

As The Washington Post explains: "When the script reaches the last word in Parrish’s vocabulary list (he wouldn’t say what that was; that would spoil the surprise), it will look for the next word, find nothing, and go silent."

And we have to say: that will make us just a little bit sad.

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(Via Laughing Squid)