10/06/2014 06:42 BST | Updated 10/06/2014 06:59 BST

British Maker Unveils World's Largest TV, Costs £1 MILLION

British TV manufacturer Titan has unveiled the world's largest TV.

It will cost you £1 million.

Named, rather aptly, the Zeus, it's four times larger than the previous largest TV in the world. It measures in at a staggering 370-inches.

The big numbers continue as the Zeus weighs just under a tonne whilst the display will show people at actual size in 4K thanks to a screen that show 65 billion colours.

titan zeus

As is expected with a product this ludicrous it's fantastically exclusive with only four being made. The first has already bought by an 'unnamed British media millionaire' and the second? Well it's going on the roof of an exclusive hotel in Cannes, because Cannes.

CEO of Titan, Anthony Ganjou is keen to point out that no matter what your tastes, whether it's on top of a hotel roof or just something to replace a wall in your bedroom then the Zeus can work for you.

“Having already pre-sold two of our £1m screens – one of which is likely to be installed at the bottom of a very large indoor swimming pool – we are open to serious enquiries in relation to the other two in the range.”

titan zeus 2

That's right, someone has replaced the bottom of their swimming pool with a £1m giant underwater TV, presumably to scare people with huge 4K videos of sharks swimming. Wouldn't you?

Of course if £1m is too much then fear not as Titan "creates bespoke screens aimed at the mid-range market, selling TVs for £150,000". Well that's a relief.