Will Rik Mayall's 'Noble England' Be World Cup 2014 Number One Song? The Campaign Has Started...

Will Rik Mayall's World Cup Song Emerge Victorious?

Rik Mayall's grieving fans have found a timely way to express their admiration for the comic star - by making sure his old World Cup song reaches the top of the chart this week.

Rik recorded 'Noble England' four years ago, but it failed to make an impact. This time around, however, a fresh campaign in the wake of the comedian's death earlier this week has seen the video rack up 300,000 views already.

Rik Mayall borrows some lines from Henry V for his World Cup anthem

'Noble England' stars Rik in full regal get-up, inspiring the nation's footballers to win for St George. The song also includes some borrowed lines that William Shakespeare would surely have applauded... "Once more unto the pitch, dear friends."

If this doesn't stir the troops, sorry, players, nothing will

The video includes the poignant sight of Rik, who died on Monday in circumstances his family are still waiting to discover, emerge victorious with the World Cup, before walking through a glowing walkway, to the sound of the cheering crowd.

Tributes have poured in for the star, who made his name with 'The Young Ones', 'Blackadder' and 'The New Statesman', after becoming one of the pioneers of alternative comedy in the 1980s.

His grieving daughter yesterday paid tribute to her "wonderful, generous, foul-mouthed, hysterical, father". More here...

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