Astronauts Play Football In Space, Turns Out It's Really Difficult

Turns out football fever has literally gone stratospheric as astronauts from the International Space Station have posted a video showing off some of their zero-gravity footy skills.

Things we're learnt from the video? Football in space is really really hard, not least because every time you kick the ball you immediately start moving away from it.

Bicycle kicks are unsurprisingly easy and while they may not have the grace that Ronaldo does, it looks just as much fun to pull off.

Those present were US astronaut and twitter-abuser Reid Wisemen, Steve Swanson and German astronaut Alexander Gerst. Gerst and Wisemen even wore their team's shirts -- just don't think about the cost of the fuel to put those shirts in space.

The ISS has been hitting the headlines recently thanks to the aforementioned Reid Wisemen after he tweeted the first Vine from space.