'Big Brother': Steven Goode Nominated For Eviction Along With Christopher, Jale And Pauline (VIDEO)

Another ‘Big Brother’ contestant is to face the public vote after being put up for eviction by the new Power Housemate Chris Wright.

Chris had already secretly nominated controversial dance teacher Pauline Bennett and journalist Christopher Hall, and has now picked Steven Goode to join them in the public vote.

'BB' housemate Steven Goode

Jale Karaturp will also face eviction, having previously been chosen by Pauline as her ‘Killer Nomination’ to be up for elimination every week until she eventually leaves the house.

The housemates currently have no idea who is making the nomination decisions, and we don’t think Chris is going to be popular with his fellow contestants when they find out it was him.

The group were gathered to the sofas by Big Brother on Saturday night, where it was revealed that Steven was the next name to be put up for eviction, where he was then consoled by his housemates.

With four people already up for eviction, it’s not yet known if Chris’s duties as Power Housemate are through, or if he will still have some decisions to make about who will face eviction next.

Power Housemate, Chris

Earlier this week Tamara Stewart-Woode became the first person to leave the ‘Big Brother’ house, continuing the trend for the first evictee to always be female.

Having already snogged her fellow housemate Winston Showan, she confessed to presenter Emma Willis in her eviction interview that she had a crush on the Essex boy, and intended to go on a date with him on the outside world.

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