British Newspapers Have Absolutely Savaged Tony Blair On Iraq

There was no hiding the strength of national feeling toward Tony Blair's skirting the blame for the current Iraq crisis.

The Daily Mirror called the massacre of hundreds of Shia soldiers in Iraq by radical jihadists ISIS a "war crime", and coupled the image of the slaughtered men with a picture of the former Labour Prime Minister. Cartoons in the Times and the Independent lampooned Blair's suggestion that the crisis was a result of too little intervention, not too much, and an overspill of the Syria civil war.

In the Telegraph, Mayor of London Boris Johnson said Blair had "finally gone mad" in his "unhinged" attempt to claim the 2003 invasion of Iraq is not the reason for the chaos in the country now.

And Twitter had plenty to say:

Here's the best of the paper's reaction:

The Independent

Blair - the papers' reaction