17/06/2014 17:00 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Encourage Your Child's Imagination

Zero Creatives


Imaginary friends, the wondrous world of the playtime, the heroes they rely on, and the heroes they want to be.

A child's imagination really is an extraordinary thing.

And bedrooms and play spaces are the perfect places to help our children really unleash their imagination and set their lively minds free in comfort and style.

Whether they need an everyday ceiling light or table light to help them feel comforted at night, a flash light for setting the scene during play time or a projector light to bring their hero adventures to life, there are so many easy ways to use light to enhance their imagination and make sleep and play time that little bit more fun or a little bit more relaxing.

You may have come across the #Playthehero SpiderMan campaign, where Philips and Marvel asked parents to submit their children's super hero stories to celebrate the new Philips and Marvel Lighting range.

The stories range from children explaining how they would use their hero powers to beautify the world, to children using their super powers to heal animals. But the overwhelming similarity of all the stories that were submitted is that most children would use their 'supernatural' powers for good.

It's about time to celebrate the wonder of a child's mind and the lovely things they come out with. If by simply adding a little bit of light to the most important space in their world can inspire more of this, it can only be a great thing.

Here's to our heroes of today – and tomorrow.

Take a look at the stories Philips and Marvel turned into comic illustrations - and don't forget to tell us which is your favourite.