How To: Take Great Photos With Your Smartphone

The Problem? Smartphone cameras are now reaching a level that equals expensive compact cameras, so why is it we only take pictures of lunch and cats doing silly things? Here's how to take and edit award-winning photos, all by using just your smartphone...

You're on holiday, there's a beautiful scene in front of you and what do you do? You reach for your phone, and why wouldn't you. The iPhone 5s has a stunning camera whilst Sony has been packing all of its phones with its own camera tech.

The problem is smartphone cameras are become more and more similar to conventional cameras, whilst they appear to be simple point and shoot devices they can now be fine tuned just like a normal camera, except with the advantage that you can actually do all the editing afterwards on the same device.

Taking great pictures are easier than you'd think, as our friends at Engadget discovered when they asked street photographer Gavin Harrison for his top tips.

Check out the video above and find out how to take award-winning snaps using nothing more than your iPhone and a few free apps.