How To: Toddler-Proof Your Tablet Or Phone

The Problem? You've bought yourself an iPad and already the kids are beginning to eye it up. There's a risk though, which is that one wrong press on Smurfs and you've landed yourself with around 6000 berries and a bill in excess of £70. How do you stop it from happening? Here's how...

The iPad is a truly universal product, and thanks to over a million apps on the App Store there's no shortage of app for kids, whether they're educational or just fun games.

Of course there's an inherent risk to all of this which is micro-transactions; those pesky in-app purchases allow your kids, at the press of a button, to spend your hard-earned money without so much as a password needed.

Thankfully there's plenty of ways to protect both your apps and your tablet in general from prying eyes and the potential influx of Smurf berries.

Our friends over at The New York Times have come up with the essential steps to take before handing your prized smartphone or tablet over to your kids.

Check out the video above and never worry again about being handed a phone that's in another language and has 600 images of the floor on it.