Six Amazingly Lavish Brazil Homes You Can Buy For World Cup 2014

World Cup fever has hit Brazil, and some people flocking to Brazil have an eye on the fancy properties on offer.

Silvio Pagliani, president of the property website, said that he had seen a 27% boost in searches for upmarket property in Brazil in May from two months before.

“As it often happens with major international events, the World Cup has drawn a lot of attention to the host country," he added. "Those who are used to a very high standard of living tend to also maintain a high quality of life while travelling, even for a short period of time."

By contrast, London property is becoming all the more expensive, as you can now get a castle and even your own island for less than many of the multi-million pads in the capital.

For footie fans with a bit of cash to spare, here are six luxurious properties you could snap up in Brazil while you're there for the World Cup.

You could get an apartment here for just £1.3m

Brazil Properties You Can Buy For World Cup 2014