Facebook Is Down. Everyone PANIC. (UPDATE: It's Back. Everyone PANIC)

UPDATE: It's Back!!!

Facebook is down. (UPDATE: It was, it's not now).

The social media site is currently returning error messages on its desktop web version. (UPDATE: Not any more).

There are no details at this stage as to what is causing the error, but sites which integrate Facebook into their page structure -- like HuffPost -- are experiencing problems too. (UPDATE: Seriously, it's fine now).

Meanwhile Facebook's own site designed to report when it's down is... down. Another site, DownRightNow, designed to give information when Facebook goes down is - drumroll - down. (UPDATE: No, honestly, they're fine.)

UK-based sites which detect outages report a sudden spike on Thursday morning of users reporting problems, meaning it's likely a widespread issue.(UPDATE: How did we ever survive?)

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