Michael Fabricant MP Wants To Punch A Muslim Woman 'In The Throat'

Michael Fabricant MP for Lichfield (centre)
Michael Fabricant MP for Lichfield (centre)
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Tory MP Michael Fabricant stunned voters after boasting he'd like to stop a prominent female Muslim from speaking by "punching her in the throat".

Fabricant made the violent comments on Twitter after journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown went toe to toe on Channel 4 News with author Rod Liddle.

She had told professional contrarian Liddle, who was promoting his new book 'Selfish Whining Monkeys: How we Ended Up Greedy, Narcissistic and Unhappy': “I have no words for how much I loathe you."


The row between Liddle and Alibhai-Brown started as he gave his appraisal of Islam and how immigration had changed Britain.

"I'm very much in favour of feminist Muslims and I wish there were a lot more of them."

But he added: "I'm not terribly keen on Islam, because (laughs) I'm not in favour of what it.. it seems to lend itself to a certain homophobia, I don't agree with its views in most Islamic states on apostasy, I don't agree with its view towards women, that's why I'm not particularly keen."

The row started on Channel 4 as Liddle promoted his new book

Liddle took a bit of a kicking - and didn't seem to know what to do

Alibhai-Brown responded: "One of the interesting things about Mr Liddle is that he tries so very hard to be reasonable and not to be bigoted, but actually the bigotry just bursts out of him.

"You know what, Mr Liddle, the thing that destroyed white working class people were your boss Rupert Murdoch from who you get hundreds and thousands of pounds every year, and Margaret Thatcher. She took away the structure of this society, not Mr Khan down the road."

Then (at 6mins 9secs in the video linked above) Alibhai-Brown dropped the bombshell. "I have no words to express how much I loathe you and I feel quite proud that I am able to tell you that."

Liddle looked sheepish, almost lost for words, before he starts rocking and when asked how he feels he says: "I feel warm inside and I'd like to embrace Yasmin for saying that."

The meltdown was almost missed as it clashed with the build up to England's mesmerizingly bad capitulation to Uruguay. That was until Fabricant, who has his profile picture on Twitter as ice skater Jimmy MacElroy from Blades Of Glory, chipped in.

He then retweeted someone who called for Alibhai-Brown to be deported.

The comments by the MP for Lichfield and self-titled "cool guy" sit in stark contrast to those of his leader, David Cameron, who expressed his concern about violence for women on this website.

"Violence against women is an iceberg under the surface of society. Every day millions around the world live in fear," he wrote on The Huffington Post.

"It is despicable that in the 21st century so many medieval practices and attitudes remain.

"And it is appalling that time and again, this is shoved under the carpet. People turn a blind eye and a culture of shame and secrecy is perpetuated.

"That's why ending violence against women and girls is a priority for this government. We are challenging the behind-closed-doors mentality and shining a light under the rocks to root out violence and intimidation where it's happening - at home and abroad."

You can read the full blog here.

In a final twist, Fabricant later took to Twitter to issue an equally bizarre apology by saying he was "just out of dentist" and would never threaten violence against anyone.

Alibhai-Brown told The Huffington Post UK: "I am of course appalled that a Tory MP thinks it’s OK to fantasise aloud about wanting to beat up an Asian woman, but not surprised.

"Some years ago a Tory councillor in Birmingham called for me to be stoned to death. They can’t bear it that there are now women like me out there, not being their ayahs or selling them curries.

"The Tory leadership will have to take some action against this man. They should also understand this is why most minorities will not vote for them."