Indian Stunt Duo Show The Couple That Break Coconuts Over Each Other's Heads Together, Stay Together

Bhramaramba Budati, from Andhra Pradesh in India, may look like a traditional housewife dressed in a sari with a plait neatly coiled behind her back.

But this lady is seriously hardcore.

Bhramaramba's husband Balashankar performs various daredevil stunts such as breaking blocks of ice over Bhramaramba, cutting coconuts across her throat and break bricks over her head. At the end of it all, Bhramaramba walks away unharmed, with a nonchalant expression on her face.

The 39-year-old has gotten fame in India as a result, and it's something she is pleased with. The couple are trying to raise money so that they can take their show abroad.

Although people have voiced concerns over health and safety, she seems happy so far. Her two sons, Jogendra, 15, and Tulasi Ram, 14, have also said they are really proud of their mum. Bless.