Woman 'Addicted To McDonald's' Kicks Habit To Lose Seven Stone In Just 12 Months

Former McDonald's 'Addict' Loses Seven Stone In Just 12 Months

A woman who was 'addicted' to eating McDonald's has turned her life around, by kicking the habit and losing seven stone in just 12 months.

Mother-of-three Jodie Edkins, who at her heaviest weighed 20 stone and wore a size 26, would eat Big Macs and fries every day - and often for every meal.

It all started when Jodie's daughter Isla was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011.

Worried Jodie, 34, spent so much time looking after her daughter, she grabbed meals from a drive thru on trips back and forth from the hospital - her nearest burger joint is just 500m from her front door.

But after Isla was given the all-clear, Jodie realised that she had become someone she didn't recognise - and after quitting her Big Mac habit, Jodie's weight loss has been incredible.

Over the past three years, Jodi has devoured over 1,000 Big Macs at 1,050 calories a time which over two years adds up to a staggering 114,4500 calories.

Jodie said: "I was a McDonald's addict. It was a dirty cycle of eating as the food was so cheap, quick and easy.

"It was a quick fix- a case of grab and go. I had to be there for my daughter so I didn't have time to prepare anything healthy, or sit down to a home cooked meal.

The stress of looking after Isla and ferrying her to and from hospital meant that Jodie was constantly indulging her McDonald's habit.

Jodie said: "With Isla being in hospital, I didn't have time to think of me, so I would just grab McDonald's wherever I could.

"We would always make a pit stop at the drive thru on the way to or from the hospital.

"And when we got home, I was too exhausted to cook so we would get a McDonald's meal.

"I was an addict and to make it worse, the McDonald's was literally across the road from my house. It was so convenient, quick and cheap."

Jodie, who works at Morrisons, said: "My priority was Isla and making sure she was alright, so I didn't really think about myself or how big I was getting."

Luckily in 2013 the family received the news that Isla was able to have an operation to remove most of the benign tumour and the little girl is now fighting fit.

This positive news meant Jodie could spend more time to spend on herself, for the first time in three years.

Jodie said: "I was going out one evening and I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn't realised how big I had got.

"I was horrified and didn't recognise the person I saw."

Jodie realised all the days eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner had had a massive effect on her weight, and health.

She said: "I was out of breath all the time and it was a struggle to pick up my children- which was awful.

"I finally realised how much I had neglected my health, eating all the Maccys all time. I was an addict and I needed to stop."

Jodie, who is also mum to ten-year-old Izaak and Frankie,4, went to McDonald's for her last supper in June 2013, and had a Big Mac for one final time.

She said: "After that I knew I had to turn my back on the McDonald's for the sake of me and for my family."

Since then Jodie has lost a staggering SEVEN stone thanks to the support of her Slimming World group and is now a slinky size 14.

She now makes home cooked meals such as chilli and salad, or pasta, and eats yoghurt and fruit for lunch.

She said: "My children and my husband Doug can't believe the change in me- a year ago I was addicted to McDonald's but now I am loving my figure and leading a healthier life.

"I have lost the same amount of weight as my ten-year-old son. I can't believe I ever had that much weight on me."

Jodie has now trained to be a Slimming World advisor in her home town of Belper.

Jodie said: "I am so pleased I turned my back on the McDonald's. I look forward to going shopping now because of all the clothes I can wear and I want other busy mums to know that they can lose the weight too.

"I don't even miss the McDonald's now- I am so much happier without it in my life."

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