'Yo' Hits 1m Users But Is The Craze Already Over?


The almost inexplicable single-word messaging apo 'Yo' has reached one million users according to a post on the app's official Twitter feed.

The app which lets you do nothing, other than say 'Yo' to each other, has become one of the fastest-growing app phenomenons this year.

Built for iPhone and Android, however, the app suffered problems, including a hack which was able to reveal users' phone numbers and usernames. But despite what would appear to be a spectacular lapse in security, the app continued to climb up the iTunes App chart.

Alas, there are signs that the phenomenon could already be coming to an end. Despite the revelation of having over a million users, the app has already dropped on the UK iTunes App chart from 12th position down to 28th, while in the US the app has dropped down to 9th.

That hasn't deterred the app's Co-Founder Or Arbel, who actually sees the company's rocky start as a positive thing even going so far as to say 'we were lucky enough to get hacked'.

In a blog post, Arbel kind of misses the point about leaking people's phone numbers by saying that the hack highlights Yo's USP.

"The object of the app is to be simple. When you join it doesn’t ask you for your email, full name, Facebook account, or any other piece of personal information. The only identity within the Yo app is your username. We don’t want or need any other personal information. We want you to be able to give out your Yo username to anyone or any service without being afraid of suddenly getting a spammy email or a text message."

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