Google Glass Can See Recognise Your Pin From 10m Away

A person wearing Google Glass can now use a piece of software to recognise your pin from over 10m just by using the camera.

Developed by the Cyber Forensics team at the University of Massachusetts Lowell the software was seen to work on both Google Glass and Samsung's Gear smart watch.

By using the camera on these devices the software is able to intelligently recognise hand movements, compensate for shadows and even eliminate glare in order to watch you enter your pin.

In testing Glass proved to have 83 per cent accuracy from three metres, more than enough if you're standing behind someone in a queue for a cash machine.

The team also tested out the software using video cameras and smartphones including the iPhone 5.

Where it differs from previous attempts is that this software actually doesn't try and see what you're typing onto the screen, instead it analyses your hand and finger movements in relation to the display, intelligently predicting what you're typing.

Xinwen Fu, professor of computer sciences at the University led the project and plans to present the teams startling findings at the Black Hat security conference in August.

Speaking to Wired, Fu believe this is a serious wake up both for consumers and for the industry saying:

“I think of this as a kind of alert about Google Glass, smartwatches, all these devices, if someone can take a video of you typing on the screen, you lose everything.”

Google however aren't convinced, responding with this official statement:

"We designed Glass with privacy in mind. The fact that Glass is worn above the eyes and the screen lights up whenever it’s activated clearly signals it’s in use and makes it a fairly lousy surveillance device.”