Luis Suárez Bites Giorgio Chiellini: Danny Mills Suggests Uruguay Striker Be 'Jailed Forever'

What Was Mills' Bizarre Punishment Suggestion For Suárez?

Danny Mills has bafflingly attained a prominent punditry role at the BBC and is on the Football Association's commission, although both organisations might have a re-think following his suggested punishment for Luis Suárez.

Suárez, in case you holidayed to the moon yesterday, bit Giorgio Chiellini - the third opponent he has sunk his teeth into in less than four years. He faces a two-year ban having previously been suspended seven games for biting Otman Bakkal and 10 for gnawing Branislav Ivanović's arm.

At the very least, he should not kick a ball again this year. An unprecedented deterrent must be set. Mills is all for that - but wants more.

"They have got to throw him in jail and lock him up forever."

"It has to be the longest ban in football ever. A worldwide ban, not just an international ban," he said. Fair enough.

"It is the third time it has happened and it is a clear bite this time, in a tournament of this magnitude, the most watched tournament in the world. They have got to throw him in jail and lock him up forever."


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