Google Gave Its Developers Some Cardboard, WTF

Google has given its developers at Google I/O a piece of cardboard. Now before you grab your pitchforks in outrage don't panic. Cardboard is Google's amazingly cool answer to Oculus Rift.

Cardboard is the result of Google's 20 per cent initiative; a non-official policy at the company which encourages ultra-keen employees to spend around 20 per cent of their working time devoted to a Google-based passion project.

The latest result is Cardboard; a virtual reality headset for anyone who has a smartphone and a desire to fold some cardboard.

At the moment you can download the Cardboard App from Google Play which includes some pre-written demos which include virtual reality Google Street View and YouTube Virtual Reality.

Developers were given their own set which included the lenses and magnets needed but it's not a requirement, Google's listing all the places where you can buy such what you need and is putting the blueprints to the VR headset online.

This isn't just a pet project for Google, the company is opening up the software development kit to anyone who wants to build a VR app for Google Play.