Josie Cunningham Challenges Katie Hopkins To 'Snob vs. Chav' Boxing Match On Twitter

Katie Hopkins may finally have met her match in Josie Cunningham, the young mum who famously said she would abort her baby so she could get into the ‘Big Brother’ house.

Josie ultimately chose to keep her baby, and this year’s ‘BB’ series rolled on without her in it, but she's managed to keep her name in the newspapers with a series of controversial statements, and this week it was reported that she was being ferried around in taxis paid for by the taxpayer.

Josie Cunningham and Katie Hopkins

Needless to say, former ‘Apprentice’ contestant and omnipresent opinion-giver Katie Hopkins - who has been vocal about her views on benefits in the past, even appearing with Luisa Zissman on Channel 5’s ‘Big Benefits Debate’ - was less than happy with this revelation, and took to her Twitter to share her views.

She branded Josie a “monster”, writing:

Josie quickly fired back, slamming Katie and calling her a “snobby b*tch” and adding: “Would love to have a one on one chat with her!”

She then decided to do one better, tweeting Katie directly and saying:

Unsurprisingly, the thought of lacing up her boxing gloves and hopping into the ring and having a boxing match with Josie didn’t seem to appeal to Katie, who dismissed the idea on her own Twitter, saying:

Well that settles that, then.

It’s probably just as well, we think there’d be a queue out the door of people hoping to get in on the boxing action. We’d say Lily Allen, Gemma Collins and basically anyone named Chardonnay would all fancy a pop too...

Katie Hopkins' Most Controversial Quotes

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