This Giant Robot Can Juggle Actual Cars

A former jet technician for NASA has designed a giant robot that will juggle cars. If that sentence wasn't enjoyable enough then how about the news that he actually plans to build it as well.

Dan Granett, a former technician for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA has been working on a realistic plan on how to build this 70-foot real-life Transformer.

Using huge hydraulic arms to juggle the cars, the 'BugJuggler' can be controlled either from a safe distance or, if you're feeling brave, actually inside the head using motorised gloves Pacific Rim style.

Incredibly according to Dan this is far from science fiction with all the technology and materials are readily available with a cost set at just $2.3m

Granett has already set up a crowdfunding website where he plans to attract investors. What would you get for your money? Well aside from knowing that you helped build a giant car-juggling robot, Granett has promised to teach sponsors how to control his maniacal creation as well.

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