27/06/2014 07:30 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victoria Beckham Gets Excited By 'Golden Balls'

Victoria Beckham has been hot on Twitter this month and she's all about sharing her latest loves complete with a tailor-made hashtag.

The latest from the 40-year-old fashion designer? David Beckham aka Golden Balls-inspired sweet treats of the doughnut variety.

Check out this tweet - did she ever think her nickname for David would be used to name a sugary bun?

Golden Balls Beckham - it's a keeper, and clearly brands are still using it to spark some happy nostalgia. Anything with this couple's name on it is a total sell-out, especially these limited edition, chocolate-dipped doughnuts.

Need reminding of that infamous Parkinson episode when Victoria first revealed her 'golden balls' secret? Here it is...

Seriously, how different do they look? VB was definitely doing the WAG thing way back then and David has no hair in comparison to the slicked-back 'do and full beard he's styling out these days.

Victoria is definitely revealing her sentimental side on Twitter right now. First it was that orange suede mini dress that she wore on her first ever date with David and then the maternity style she wore when she was pregnant with Brooklyn. Keep them coming VB, we're a sucker for a good ol' #throwback.

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