02/07/2014 07:04 BST | Updated 02/07/2014 07:59 BST

iPhone 6: Latest Leak Shows The Curved Display Is.. Real?

The iPhone 6 has been pretty much dominating the rumour mill the last few months and this latest leak suggests that Apple will be giving its newest handset a curved display.

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Before we all start grabbing our pitchforks (shuddering at the thought of the much-maligned LG G Flex) the curve simply applies to the edge of the display, giving it a tapered finish.

Although small, it would be a major design overhaul for the smartphone which has, up until now, always had a screen which sits above the rest of the phone.

9to5Mac got hold of the images which show both the black and white 4.7-inch handsets minus the rest of the body but what it does reveal is that Apple is looking to greatly reduce the bezel on its upcoming phone.

Other rumours have suggested that the new iPhone will not only sport a new design but it'll be thinner, and sport an all-new super-efficient A8 processor which should end any concerns about battery life.

Whilst it's hard to get excited about what appears to be just a screen, this is the clearest indicator yet that Apple is nearing production which means that if you're in the running for a new iPhone, we'd probably start exercising some patience until the reported release date of September.