04/07/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 04/07/2014 13:59 BST

Magaluf Girl Mamading Video Was Witnessed By Shocked Geordie Shore Star Jay Gardner

A member of the Geordie Shore cast has admitted he witnessed the now notorious “mamading” incident in Magaluf – and says he was shocked by what he saw.

Jay Gardner was at the club when the young female tourist, believed to be British, was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men in a bar in the Spanish resort of Magaluf, Majorca.

He was spotted in the two-and-a-half minute long video by reality TV fans but did not take part in the drinking game.

Geordie Shore star Jay Gardner witnessed the 'mamading' event in Magaluf

The 28-year-old told The Mirror: “It happened a few weeks back and I had totally forgot about the whole thing until someone tweeted me.

“It’s the most shocking thing I’ve seen, in terms of the amount of people, it’s really bad. It’s even worse because the video’s gone everywhere.

“You wouldn’t see that in the UK.”

Gardner also spoke to The Sun to say: “The lass seemed to be loving it and so did the boys, that’s what it’s like in Magaluf, it’s wild, anything and everything goes.

The girl is seen fellating more than 20 men in the two-and-a-half-minute long video

“This girl’s gone on holiday, got fuelled with alcohol, someone’s suggested it, she’s smashed and thought it’s a good idea. She didn’t really think anything of it, but in reality it’s a bad thing to do.

“She’s just on holiday to have fun, but it was being filmed and now she’s going to live to regret it.”

The girl was variously reported to have performed the feat in exchange for a €3 bottle of Cava, or for a cocktail named ‘Holiday’, having apparently been misled into thinking she would receive a trip.

But organisers CarnageMagalluf has since claimed she performed the acts of her own volition – and not because of the promise of free alcohol.

Photo gallery Carnage Magaluf reaction to Mamading See Gallery

The video of the degrading episode, which emerged this week, has sparked outrage in the UK and calls from a local mayor in Spain for a police investigation.

Calvia Mayor Mauel Onieva has said he “absolutely rejected” the disturbing incident and said police were now investigating “in order to eradicate similar situations in our leisure zones.”

It is believed to be an example of “mamading” – a “game” where bars encourage young women to perform sex acts in return for free alcohol.

“Mamada” is a Spanish slang term for performing a sex act.

Spain’s Women’s Institute has described the incident as “degenerate, discriminatory and unfair” towards women.