07/07/2014 06:15 BST | Updated 07/07/2014 10:59 BST

Man Flies Drone INTO Fireworks Display, Results Are Stunning

Jos Stiglingh was presented with a unique opportunity: the chance to film fireworks up close, of course no one could have predicted what Jos did next.

Not content with filming the fireworks from a height Stiglingh then flew the drone into the fireworks display itself and it's fair to say the results are spectacular.

Placing the drone in pretty incredible danger Jos carefully steered it through the barrage of explosions capturing everything on a GoPro Hero 3 Silver.

drone fireworks

Jos used a DJI Phantom 2; a powerful quadcopter which weighs only 1kg and can fly for up to 25 minutes.

Costing over £450 the Phantom 2 is hardly a throwaway gift, and amazingly Jos claims that the drone escaped the ordeal completely unharmed.

The video was unsurprisingly picked up by GoPro who were more than happy to share Jos' incredible video and the original video now has over 6m views on YouTube.