Kickstarter For Potato Salad Will Make Your Eyes Water


What would you say if we told you a man opened a crowdfunding account to make a potato salad?

‘Why?’, presumably.

Sweet, sweet carbs


Because the internet does whatever the hell it wants, that’s why.

Creator Zack Danger Brown will continue to accept donations until 2 August, hence I think we can expect one hell of a lot of potato salad come the big day.

Brown, by the way, has announced he will hold a potato salad party for all those backers who are willing to fly out and join him in Columbus, Ohio.

He’s also promising a series of donation “prizes” to backers, including the privilege of having Brown “say your name out loud while making the potato salad.”

Those who pledge $20 or more receive a potato-salad themed haiku, your name carved into a potato that will be used in the potato salad, and a signed jar of mayonnaise.

Can’t say fairer than that.

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