‘The 100' Reviews: E4's New Dystopian Drama Receives Mixed Response

E4’s new show ‘The 100’ premiered on Monday night, and so far the programme has received mixed reviews from critics and TV fans on Twitter.

The sci-fi series is set in a Dystopian future, years after a nuclear war has destroyed human civilisation.

Everybody who survived the disaster is living on a space station, however, a lack of supplies causes leaders to decide that 100 young offenders should be dropped back onto earth.

The 100

The US-made drama stars former ‘Neighbours’ actress Eliza Taylor, while ‘Hollyoaks’ hunk Ricky Whittle also has a recurring role.

When it was first screened in the US, Vulture’s reviewer enjoyed the show, writing, “The 100 is better than it has to be, a little more exciting and surprising and intense”, and a number of UK viewers posting their thoughts on Twitter shared this sentiment…

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