This Girl's Illustrated Mirror Selfies Are The Best Thing On Instagram. Fact.

These Are The Best Mirror Selfies We Have Ever Seen...

Usually when you think of mirror selfies you imagine a pouting person popping their booty and failing to turn off their phone's flash - but the mirror selfies created by this woman couldn't be more different.

A Norwegian Instagram user living in Washington, DC creates humorous and quirky drawings on mirrors which come to life when she steps into the picture.

The talented artist has been posting the images to her Instagram account, @Mirrorsme, since last August.

"I started creating them after drawing on my mirror with lipstick, and leaving little messages for my roommate. I make them out of chalk markers, and posca markers, and some acrylic markers sometimes," the artist wrote on Boredpanda.

"I bought my last markers in New York, and the sales person just couldn’t understand why I needed all those acrylic markers to draw on mirrors.

"Normally, it takes less than 30 min to draw, but I can really get lost in the process and enjoy it."

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