#Highlander Nigel Becomes Best Ever BBC Question Time Audience Member (VIDEO)

The producers of Question Time are rarely circumspect when it comes to giving audience members 30 seconds to rant, dry up or talk about something completely unrelated to the issue under discussion. Since 1979, the show has seemingly given a weekly voice to some spotty teen with an Emo wig and a question straight from the A-Level syllabus.

Yet Thursday’s show offered something more interesting. Filmed in Scotland, the question of the forthcoming referendum came up, with the camera cutting to this chap – Nigel from Inverness who delivered a vignette that could have been lifted from the script of Braveheart… If Wallace was in favour of the Union… which he wouldn’t have been.

“I was born in Inverness, I’m a passionate Highlander, and I love Scotland. I will take a stand to keep the United Kingdom together. I will give my life for my country as my grandfather did in the First World War.”

Well bravo, sir.

It then got a bit shouty and ended with the bizarre dénouement "in the name of Jesus".

Naturally, Twitter was falling over itself to reward such a performance with #highlander quickly hitting the top trend in the UK: