These Are The Best Images Of The iPhone 6 Yet

So THIS Is What The iPhone 6 Looks Like

The iPhone 6 might be simultaneously the most exciting and irritating product launch we've ever seen from Apple.

Exciting because of videos like these and irritating because within just a few days there'll be another tantalising glimpse of what Apple's biggest product launch in years will look like.

This video gives us our clearest look yet at the design of the iPhone 6, showing a design which looks to echo that of the iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

Due to the drastic design change it has prompted some to suggest that Apple may end up calling it the iPhone Air; alluding to its significantly thinner design and sapphire display.

The model shown in the video appears to be the 4.7-inch version, one of two with the larger being a 5.5-inch behemoth that'll take on the LG G3 and the Galaxy Note 4 (when it launches).

Interestingly the iPhone 6's design could hint at the possible design of the iWatch as well, with its return to all-aluminium and plastic suggesting that glass will be a thing of the past for Apple's designs.

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