School Teacher Martyne Airey Faces Jail For Tickling And Sniffing Pupils' Feet

A primary school teacher has pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual activity with a child under 13 after he was caught sniffing and tickling pupils' feet.

Martyne Airey, a 51-year-old from Blackburn in Lancashire, used to make naughty boys stay behind after lessons so he could indulge in his sexual fetish.

He would tell pupils to pick a card and would sniff or tickle their feet depending on which card they drew from the deck, the Metro reported.

Airey is now facing jail for his actions, which only came to light after the male pupils were asked by other teachers why they were late to their lessons, according to the Daily Mail.

Abigail Hudson, prosecuting, said: "None of the children were particularly disturbed, they just thought it was weird. The parents were of course more perturbed."

Airey will be sentenced next month.

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