Young Woman Shows Facial Birthmark In No Make-Up Selfie, The Internet Hugs Back


Once upon a time Amy Elsegood was bullied and called "blob face" because of a dark facial birthmark along the right-hand side of her face.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the brave 22-year-old has posted a no make-up selfie to show people who she really is. And the reaction has been incredible, with people from all over the world showing their support.

Amy has had worn special make-up from the NHS since she was 11 that helps her conceal the marking on her face.

"I wore it every time I left the house as I was too self-conscious to go out without hiding my birthmark first," she says.

"But then one day I just thought, 'you were born like this, there is no reason to be ashamed,' so I posted a no make-up selfie.

"No-one could say anything negative that I haven't heard before.

"The reaction on Facebook was amazing, I had over 600 likes with people all over the world messaging me, it was surreal."

Amy had laser surgery from being born up until she was 10-years-old, she then decided that it was no longer necessary as she hated the procedure.

She added: "I hated being put under general anaesthetic every time.

"It made my face so sore afterwards too.

"Laser treatment tends to work best when you're young, making it less effective as I got older, but I know that without it that my birthmark would be a lot redder than it is now.

"I would probably think about having it again now that I'm older but with my cosmetic make-up I'm able to conceal my birthmark well anyway."

Despite Amy's fantastic response to her no make-up selfie online, she has been a target to bullies throughout her life.

Amy said: "I was about four years old when I realised I was different.

"Other kids would point at me, call me 'blob face' and say that I was ugly.

"I even had one woman come up to me on holiday to say that I would've been pretty if it wasn't for my birthmark."

When Amy became a teenager she thought she would find it difficult to find a boyfriend.

She added: "I was so embarrassed by my port wine stain that I never thought anyone would accept me for who I was.

"But then I met Josh at 16, he was the same age but from a different school.

"The first time I met him I was wearing make-up to conceal what was underneath but after a few weeks into our relationship I wanted to show him the real me.

"I decided to meet him with no make-up on, I said 'this is what I really look like,' but he simply replied with 'it makes no difference to me.'"

"We've been together for six years now."

However, Amy still felt self-conscious when leaving the house, she didn't go anywhere without wearing her cover-up.

Amy said: "It wasn't until the cancer research no make-up selfie came about that I really accepted who I was.

"My birthmark doesn't need to define me and no-one should be ashamed to show who they really are.

"Since posting my selfie online I have gained so much confidence, it's been great helping others who are in a similar position too.

"I've learnt that there are much worse things to have in life and I've accepted me for me."

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