'Big Brother' 2014: Kimberly And Steven's Sex-capades Branded 'Soft Porn' By Ash (PICS, VIDEO)

'It's Like Watching Soft Porn... They'll Both Regret This'

Kimberly and Steven were still the talk of the ‘Big Brother’ house during Thursday night’s highlights show - with Ash comparing their steamy shenanigans to “soft porn”.

A night earlier, the loved-up ‘BB’ pair were caught in the act causing quite a commotion under the covers by Helen and Ash and loud-mouthed hairdresser Helen accidentally interrupted their love-in by bumping her head as she tried to get a closer look.

Ash teases Steven after he confesses what went on with Kimberly

The following morning, there was little else to discuss, and as Steven headed for the showers, Helen claimed he was doing the “walk of shame in the ‘Big Brother’ house”, while Ash revealed he thought they'd both "regret" what they'd done in the long run.

Later on, although Steven said he and Kimberly had agreed not to give any details about their raunchy antics, he revealed he was “embarrassed” to have had sex in the ‘BB’ house, but justified it by saying they are “in a relationship”, adding: “It’s not like a one night stand - we told each other we love each other last night.”

He then admitted he was worried that people would find out about their dalliance, though, claiming: “I don’t want her to feel like everybody knows”, though Ash reassured him that it was only a select few who were awake.

Kimberly and Steven in bed... well, where else would they be?

Later in the bedroom, the couple - dubbed ‘Stimberly’ by viewers - cosied up again with Steven whispering to her: “Do you feel safe in my arms?”, which we would have found nauseating a week ago, but ever since he muttered “open it” to her in the throes of passion we’ve slightly changed our perspective.

And while things might be cosy right now in the ‘BB’ house, Monday kicks off ‘Armageddon Week’, which promises to shake up the house - with the Daily Star reporting that Kimberly’s ex-boyfriend may even be putting in an appearance.

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