This Couple Turned A Nazi Bunker Into A Luxury Townhouse

Art collectors Karen and Christian Boros live in a very unique home; a Nazi bunker constructed in 1942 at the height of the Second World War.

First built in 1942 by the Nazis the bunker is a towering temple of concrete that has been gutted and completely redesigned from the inside out as a home for both Karen, Christian and their son.

With the art collection located downstairs as a private gallery, the family live at the top of the bunker with huge glass windows over-looking the Berlin skyline.

The penthouse which dominates the top floor features a pool, gardens and huge open plan living spaces whilst still maintaining the concrete walls as they were originally built.

With the bullet holes still in place, and window sills showing shell damage it's an incredible transformation of something which went from such troubled beginnings into a habitable work of art in itself.

Speaking to Freunde Von Freunden Christian admits that the bunker was just one of a number of odd locations that the family had looked at.

"We were also looking at a hospital, a swimming pool, or a school. Buildings that had a different function previously."

When asked why they settled on the bunker he replied, "It was the most impossible. I am always magically drawn to problems. One can perhaps not solve problems, but one is able to exchange problems with other problems."