French Supermarket Launches Brilliant Food Waste Reduction Campaign That Celebrates Ugly Fruit And Veg

Ever sifted through apples trying to find the most shiny one or turned your nose up at a bent carrot? You're not alone, many of us recoil at the sight of ugly fruit and veg.

But with 40% of fruit and veg wasted because of the way it looks and an estimated 300 million tons of food waste produced each year, our ridiculous food standards are no laughing matter.

Thankfully, one brilliant food waste reduction campaign, 'Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables', is hoping to change that by celebrating ugly fruit and vegetables.

The initiative was led by Intermarché - France's third largest supermarket chain and intercepts undesirable fruit and veg from suppliers and selling it in their stores - either in natural form or in soups and juices - at a heavily discounted price.

Not only have they nailed the food waste issue, but the produce - at 30% cheaper - will help families get their seven-a-day, which is proven to be a costly exercise.

The campaign was developed by Marcel Worldwide and received national acclaim on social media and . Let's hope it takes off elsewhere.

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