iPhone 6 Rumours Make No Sense. Here Are 12 Of The Worst.

Look, we get sent a lot of rubbish about the iPhone 6. And it arrives in all sorts of forms -- analyst notes, readers tips, videos and unattributed pictures of what is CLEARLY another device.

Which isn't to say we aren't excited about the phone. It's going to be out in the autumn, it's going to have iOS 8, some cool new hardware gizmos, be thinner and lighter and you're going to want one.

But that doesn't mean that we necessarily want to read every rumour and check out every video on a phone that -- as far as we can surmise -- is going to ultimately be a bit boring.

To that end we've collected every latest iPhone 6 video we have in one place, as an illustration of how non-sensical and contradictory the rumours we get can actually be.

That said, there are some interesting nuggets in there too. So probably best to just watch ALL of them.

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