Instagram Are Discriminating Against Me Because Of My Size, Says Teenager Whose Account Was Suspended

Instagram is not the place for shy violets, if a quick flick through the site is anything to go by.

Amid pictures of artfully-placed food and white sandy beaches, a large bulk of the photos feature women posing in the teeniest of bikinis. Rihanna, although her account has now been suspended, has been doing this for years.

So when the social media site suspended 19-year-old Samm Newman's account for posting this picture for violating 'community guidelines', one can't help but smell a rat.

After posting a series of underwear selfies, she found that her account had been suspended and then altogether removed.

Newman, who is a US size 24, was baffled, as her account on Instagram - including her 500 followers - had played a huge role in boosting her self esteem after users posted positive comment. She posted pictures with inspirational hashtags such as #bodylove and #pizzasister4lyfe.

Her account has now been reinstated with an apology from Instagram, but Newman was shocked that it was done in the first place. She said that they removed “anyone who doesn’t fit their idea of normal”.

“I didn’t find [the briefs] or the bra at all inappropriate,” Newman told NBC4 News. “They covered me entirely and I’ve seen pictures like that all over Instagram.”

“Fat is not a bad word. How confident can you be if you keep censoring yourself because people don't want to look at you?”

Commenters on other news stories around this, and Law Dogger on Return of Kings however are not so sympathetic.

Dogger writes: "Anyone who says Newman’s picture is something that should be shown to the public at large is either lying or brainwashed to the point of no recovery.

"Yet for those of us that have not lost our sanity and are not afraid to present the truth, Instagram allows us to complain if something is bothers us. For example, if we don’t agree with promoting morbid obesity. Exactly like how people did when they reported the Newman photo."

We believe that although obesity is an issue, so is body image. How big or small you are is still one of the biggest concerns for young women today, and Newman is one of those inspirational role models who shows that one size doesn't fit all.