Sleeping Baby Guarded By Four Deadly Snakes (Video)

This truly astonishing YouTube clip shows four deadly cobra snakes apparently standing guard over a sleeping baby.

As the snakes slither around, with their heads and hoods extended, they coil around the baby, which seems completely at ease with their attentions.

At one point, it even appears that the baby is cuddling one of the snakes.

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It isn't clear where the film was shot, but king cobras are predominantly found across India and South East Asia.

King Cobras usually avoid confrontations with humans but remain one of the most dangerous and feared snakes to inhabit the forests of Asia.

They're the longest of all the venomous snakes, growing up to five metres. Cobras' venom isn't as strong as other species but they produce enough in a single deadly strike to kill a fully-grown elephant.

The incredible video has been viewed more than 2,300,000 times, and on its YouTube page it seems that children and cobras enjoy a rather bizarre relationship.

In another clip, a cobra – again, its head raised and hood extended – goes head-to-head with a crawling baby, and even appears to strike the child - but the infant seems completely fine with it

Perhaps – we hope – the snakes' venom and fangs are somehow removed before these parents allow their babies to such apparent danger.