Tennis Player Dudi Sela Uses Chair To Congratulate Ivo Karlovic At Claro Open Colombia (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Short' Tennis Player Needs A Chair To Hug Winning Opponent

Now 5'9" - or 175cm for younger readers - doesn't seem unduly short to us but in this day and age size often does really count for athletes.

And for one 175cm tennis player, Dudi Sela, size was a 'problem' when he had to congratulate his opponent, Ivo Karlovic, who was more than 30cm taller.

Croatian player, Karlovic (6'11") beat Sela at the Claro Open Colombia in Bogota last week but far from trying to hid from his defeat, Sela turned loss into a sportsmanlike victory.

We honour his higher aspirations.

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