6 Incredible Places You'd Never Expect To Find Lego

Steve Sammartino

Lego has to be one of the most universally-loved toys on the planet, sparking invention and imagination in all of us. As such it has the rather unique habit of turning up in some of the weirdest places.

Those little bricks have been used to do everything from building miniature cities to creating giant works of art, they've been to the outer reaches of space and the deepest depths of the ocean.

In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find a place or medium where Lego hasn't in some way been utilised, whether that's as a political message or as someone's dream kit car.

First launching in 1949 Lego has since produced over 500 billion bricks. To give you some idea of just how useful Lego actually is, if you took just six bricks of 2x4 in size you could create over 900 million different shapes.

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