MH17 Crash Forces Estonian Blues Festival To Drop Putin Supporter Steven Seagal From Bill

Steven Seagal has been dropped from the bill at an Estonian blues festival, with organisers made nervous by his ongoing support for Russian premier Vladimir Putin and his position regarding the Crimean peninsula.

With the deepening international crisis following the downing of Malaysian Airlines' flight MH17 on Thursday, schedulers have decided to replace the martial arts actor turned blues musician, due to public unrest over the situation in this part of the world.

Steven Seagal has been dropped from the bill of the Estonian Augustibluus Festival

Seagal's relationship with the Russian president has flourished since he was drafted in to help launch a national fitness programme, and their shared interest in martial arts has led to a series of celebratory photo-calls.

Further, Seagal has spoken out in political support of Putin. The Guardian quotes him saying to a Russian outlet, "He's one of the greatest world leaders alive today. I consider him my friend."

Seagal has spoken out in support of Putin's controversial policies in the Crimean peninsula

Seagal reportedly added that Russian's annexation of Crimea was "entirely reasonable".

Estonia's foreign minister, Urmas Paet, told Tallinn's newspaper Delfi: "Steven Seagal has become active in politics in the last few months in a manner not befitting a world which honours states based on the rule of law."

Although all eyes are currently on the Ukraine, where rescue workers continue to go through the wreckage of MH17, and international communities await anxiously the return of their victims of the crash, Estonia is understandably on edge, with Putin on the record calling to protect Russian populations in post-Soviet states.

No word yet on who will replace Mr Seagal, although it's probably safe to say it won't be Gerard Depardieu, another infamous Russian supporter.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal Doing Political Things

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