The Open: The Golf Record Beakers That Rory McIlroy Must Match (PHOTOS)

Rory McIlroy's victory in the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool gave the 25-year-old his third major title and completed three-quarters of the career Grand Slam.

Only five other players have achieved the feat of winning all four Majors and as you'd expect they're a pretty select bunch:

Gene Sarazen - 1922 US Open, 1922 US PGA, 1932 Open, 1935 Masters (40 events)

Ben Hogan - 1946 US PGA, 1948 US Open, 1951 Masters, 1953 Open (28)

Gary Player - 1959 Open, 1961 Masters, 1962 US PGA, 1965 US Open (24)

Jack Nicklaus - 1962 US Open, 1963 Masters, 1963 US PGA, 1966 Open (18)

Tiger Woods - 1997 Masters, 1999 US PGA, 2000 US Open, 2000 Open (15)

In case of Nicklaus and Woods, only their first Grand Slam cycle is shown above while the figure in brackets is total number of potentially playable majors between first and last win.

And here they all are in action

Gene Sarazen

Winners of all four Golf Majors

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