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Most Children Worry Their Parents Are Addicted To Their Phones And iPads, Survey Finds

Your Kids Are Worried About Your Addiction To Your Phone

Sorry parents, but if you're telling your children to turn off the TV or put down their mobile phone, you're more than likely a big fat hypocrite.

Recent studies have shown that the majority of British adults feel they are constantly looking at a screen, and now it has been revealed that children worry about the amount of time their parents spend glued to technology.

A new survey - conducted by Opinion Matters, a research agency for the New Forest National Park Authority - found almost 70% of children think their parents spend too much time on their mobile phone, iPad or other similar devices.

Sadly, one in five British children say their parents do not listen to them properly when they are together because they are so busy checking their emails.

Over a third of children worry their parents are incapable of switching off their devices while a quarter of children questioned openly accused their parents of double standards when it came to switching off.

The poll found revealed six in 10 parents worry their children are spending too much time glued to screens but almost seven in 10 children have the same fear for their parents.

In short, we all worry technology is taking over, regardless of our age.

Being fully present and knowing when it's time to have a digital detox is something we champion here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

Arguably, this recent poll proves that technology addiction not only causes us to feel exhausted, but also affects our relationships with the people we care about most.

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