BBC Ticker (Briefly) Proclaims The Queen Took Morphine

For a brief second on Tuesday night the BBC delivered what was possibly the scandal of the century.

The Queen - monarch, figurehead and bastion of all that is great about our wonderful nation - was revealed to have a sneaky penchant for class As.

Only she doesn't.

As The Media Blog pointed out, remember how your message is delivered when writing headlines.

The real story is that one of her majesty's prize-winning nags has tested positive for a banned substance - a good story but not quite as sensational and earth-shattering as the Queen on dope.

The BBC said in a statement: "The ticker on the BBC News Channel correctly showed the whole headline "A racehorse owned by the Queen has tested positive for morphine" as it scrolled along the screen.

"A screen grab has been taken which omits "A racehorse owned by" and only shows the rest of the sentence."

Oh well...