'Half-Life 3' Might Never Happen

Valve is working on it. Right? Right??

Well... Fact is, that game you're desperate to play but doesn't actually exist? Yeah, that might not actually be happening.

Whether it's Half-Life 3, a fully offline, large-scale re-reboot of Sim City, or a brand new F-Zero for Wii U, there's no guarantee whatever it is, is ever going to happen.

Given the law of averages it's almost overwhelmingly likely some of them will definitely never happen.

Smosh Games recently looked into the likelihood of Half-Life 3 and four other much-anticipated, illusory games to see if there really is any chance that they're being made inside a lab somewhere.

Their conclusions might shock you. Or just mildly disappoint you. Check them out in the video above.

On the other hand, next month is August. Or the eighth month. The eight month of 2014.



6/2 (digits) =3

... Half Life 3 confirmed?