Commonwealth Games Flashback: 'Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels' Star Jason Statham's Dive Fail At The 1990 Games (VIDEO)

Jason Statham might be best known these days for playing hard men on the big screen and being Kelly Brook's ex, but who knew he once dived for England in the Commonwealth Games?

Nope, us neither.

The actor, whose trade these days is playing cockney gangsters in the likes of 'Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch', was once the Tom Daley of his day.

Actually, after witnessing his diving fail at the 1990 Games in Auckland, New Zealand, that might be stretching it a bit.

In the clip, a 23-year-old Jason (barely recognisable thanks to his full head of hair) completes a tricky sequence of turns before a painful-looking entry into the water below.

Unsurprisingly, there were no medals for the star who ended up finishing eighth in the 1m springboard, 11th in the 3m springboard and 10th in the 10m platform.

Still, we reckon he'd have done pretty well on 'Splash!'.

Click the video above to watch Jason take the plunge.