24/07/2014 06:11 BST | Updated 24/07/2014 06:59 BST

Piers Morgan Addresses Peaches Geldof Inquest Verdict: ‘If You Want Someone To ‘Blame', Then Start With Her Mother'

Piers Morgan has tweeted his views following the inquest into the cause of Peaches Geldof’s death, which ruled that the mother-of-two died following a heroin overdose.

Peaches’ husband Thomas Cohen, who found his wife's body at their Kent home on 7 April, gave evidence at the inquest, where it was revealed that a stash of heroin and drug paraphernalia was found in their home after her death.

piers morgan peaches geldof

Piers Morgan and Peaches Geldof

In his tweets, Piers made a reference to Peaches’ mother Paula Yates - who died following a heroin overdose in 2000 - suggesting that she should be “blamed” for Peaches’ untimely death.

“Feel sad for Peaches Geldof. Feel even sadder for her baby children,” he wrote, before adding: “So much viciousness towards Peaches. If you want someone to 'blame' then start with her mother.”

He then replied to a handful of responses and praised Peaches' father Bob Geldof.

While there are obvious similarities between the two deaths, coroner Mr Hatch was keen to emphasis that Peaches and her mother died in different circumstances.

"It's said that the death of Peaches Geldof-Cohen is history repeating itself but this not entirely so," he told the inquest.

"By November last year she had ceased to take heroin as a result of the considerable treatment and counselling that she had received.

"This was a significant achievement for her but for reasons we will never know, prior to her death she returned to taking heroin."

On Wednesday afternoon, just hours after the inquest concluded, Katie Hopkins took to Twitter to share her views, writing: “Peaches' fatal syringe was in a box by the bed - along with some sweets. She was taking care of her baby son after all.

“Let's turn the tables. It (sic) was me that took an overdose whilst caring for my 11 month old,” she added. “Would I be a fallen angel too?”

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