Man Finds Super Nintendo 'Prize-Winning' Soda Cap 22 Years Too Late

A gamer was sent into a confusing and paroxysmal cycle of rapture and despair after finding an apparently prize-winning bottlecap on a 22-year-old soda.

The bottle of Mountain Dew was sold in 1992, and apparently discarded almost immediately.

It lay in a ditch undisturbed for 22 years before Reddit user Maverick_adam found it, opened it and saw what he thought to be a winning code for a Super Nintendo.

There were just three downsides to this piece of remarkable good fortune.

First, the competition expired 22 years ago and the Super Nintendo is no longer in production.

Second, it turns out you actually neededthree matching bottle caps to win.

Third, it was a third of a winning cap for a Game Boy, not a Snes.

Alas, once he realised he had not won even a third of his dream console after all the poster presumably fell into a deep sadness. Then he cheered up when he realised he couldn't have claimed the prize.

Then we all realised that 1992 is 22 years ago at this point and everyone went back to bed.

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