Ukip Make £80,000 As Sales From Online Shop Rocket By 120%

The UK Independence Party made a whopping £80,000 last year by flogging necklaces, flags, high-vis jackets and ties bearing its logo.

According to the latest accounts released by the party, profits from Ukip's extensive online shop have more than doubled in a year.

In the wake of the Ukip "earthquake" after the European elections in May, and high profile events such as the catastrophic Ukip carnival in south London, its seems people are flocking to kit out their wardrobes with gaudy yellow and purple merchandise.

The store features an array of items related to the party's policies, including a stylish Hi-Vis Jacket (for Britain's priced out construction workers), and a vast selection of anti-EU badges, bumper stickers and leaflets.

Copies of the souvenir programmes from the party’s 20th anniversary conference are being sold on the site as “As seen on TV” after former party member Godfrey Bloom whacked journalist Michael Crick on the head with a copy.

The latest Ukip accounts also showed that donations almost trebled compared with the previous year, to £1.36 million to December 31, up from £510,000, the Telegraph reported.

Labour estimated that it received a total of £3.37 million in commercial income, according to the Financial Times. Its online shop features some fascinating prints of campaign artwork from the 1945 election. There is not a single mention of Tony Blair.

The Tories’ online shop, meanwhile, sells a book entitled Ed Miliband’s Policies for Britain, with 204 blank pages. It also has a whole section dedicated to Margaret Thatcher and a baby bib with "Future Prime Minister" written on it.

Navigating the Lib Dem's online store meanwhile, is about as user friendly as a cornered rat and features a Nick Clegg poster for the bargain price of £1.75. Who knows why it is so cheap.

Do you want the Nigel Farage look? Then see below for some of the products on sale…

'The EU is NOT my bag' Cotton Bag, £2.50

What can you buy at the Ukip shop?