This Sums Up All The Batsh*t Crazy Beauty Treatments That People Have Done Over The Last Year


Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we're well aware that the beauty and diet industry can be a little crazy. Like the mate who insists she's not stalking her ex only to call him 62 times in a night, you want to advise: "Girl, no one needs it THAT badly."

From the corset diet - which we mentioned on HuffPost - to rubbing nightingale poo on your face, this interactive infographic from rounds up the funniest and worst treatments that people have endured over the last year.

While we don't agree that tittooing should be on there (women with mastectomies have had these in the past, we fully agree that butt punching and breast slapping makes the cut.

Why, you ask would someone undergo uppercuts to their bottom? Apparently it's to shift excess fat from one area to another. As for breast slapping, apparently this is to enlarge them. Seriously, we aren't making it up.

They write: "Heralding from Thailand, the country’s Health Ministry actually found that vigorous massage resulted in ‘measurably bigger’ breasts. Although you can stand to gain a couple of extra inches post-slap, some breasts are simply too small to reap the ruthless rewards."

The real punch in the tits? It costs over £200 for six 10-minute sessions.