Russell Brand Accuses Sean Hannity 'Of Looking Like Ken Doll' In Gaza Video Response

Russell Brand To Fox News Anchor: 'You're Wrong About Gaza And You Look Like A Ken Doll'

Russell Brand has told a Fox News anchor he looks a Ken doll, in an epic 11-minute response to Sean Hannity's rants about Gaza.

Right-wing Hannity has struck an aggressively pro-Israeli line over its three-week offensive in Gaza that has killed more than 1,100 Palestinians, mainly civilians.

Hannity recently targeted his ire at Palestinian-American guest Yousef Munayyer in a segment branded "Sympathy For The Terrorists".

The host shouted loudly, demanding to know: "Is Hamas a terrorist organisation? What part of this can't you get through your thick head?"

Reacting to the clip, Brand says: "I don't mean to be petty or trivial but Hannity looks like the Ken doll from Toy Story 3."

He also questioned why the logo for Hannity's show was "a police badge" that features Hannity's name with stars above it.

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Brand mocked Hannity's pointing and shouting at guests who invites on for debate. "You're already being unreasonable. This isn't the normal terms or terms of a debate," he said in the latest installment of his video series The Trews.

See the resemblance? The Ken doll's underneath and Hannity's above left, by the way

"Sean's not a solution-based guy. Sean's not thinking 'we want peace, what we should we do to get peace?' He's thinking 'We want conflict. What can I say to exacerbate conflict?'"

When Munayyer tries to answer Hannity's questions, Brand comments: "Good luck with that mate. Sean doesn't want an answer to his question. Sean wants to say more stuff while jabbing his finger aggressively."

Brand added: "He's not interested in truth. Sean Hannity is only interested in pushing a perspective. You might say 'so are you Russell' and I am. But that perspective is this - peace."

Hannity is not angry with everyone who appears on his show.

In June, he conducted a softball interview with former US Vice-President Dick Cheney - a hugely polarising figure for his hawkish enthusiasm for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and exactly the type of public figure who can expect a beating every time they go on television.

Not so with Hannity. Here's an example of one of his comments to the former VP: "I see the world the way you do. I view this as a real clear and present danger, almost the potential for a modern-day Holocaust...pretty scary stuff."


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